Highway 21 Pool League

Thursday Night Men's Team 8-Ball


2020-2021 Season Opening Meeting 9/3/2020 at the Post Office Bar Redgranite




  1. Post Office I         190-98

  2. Grimm's I              170-118

  3. Elmer's                 166-122

  4. Good Times         164-124

  5. Billy B's I               146-142

  6. Grimm's II             143-145

  7. Hideaway             141-147

  8. Johann's               138-150

  9. Post Office II         133-155

  10. Dogger's               132-156

  11. Billy B's II               124-164

  12. Sanicker's             123-165

  13. Lambeaul Lanes  102-186



Captains and members, please read and understand the league rules. If you have never read them, you can get a copy HERE. If you don't agree with a rule or dislike a rule, it doesn't matter, FOLLOW THE RULES.  The rules are in place for this year and they are voted on by the league every season at the beginning of the season. Captains, self Police your own team. Don't make the other team have to be the "Bad Guy" and enforce the rules that you should be following.  I have received complaints, more than normal, about slow play and dirty play, intentionally missing shots to leave an obstacle in the way instead of trying to pocket a ball. NEITHER SLOW or DIRTY play is allowed.  Please Read the rules, specifically item 6 & 21


2019-20 Schedules Are Available.

Custom Color Schedules are here for each team. Just Click the Schedules tab and then your team.

Rules and By-laws have been updated 9/6/19 Print a new set for your Folder or Fine Jug



A reminder about turning in score sheets and league money.

When you are finished for the evening, the Home team is responsible for turning in the envelope containing the Score Sheet and Money from that evening.

Redgranite - Please deliver your envelope to Elmer's, preferably before the end of the night on Friday.

Wautoma - Please leave your envelope with your Home Bar at the end of Thursday Night.

Richford - As a courtesy to the league, please ask the visiting team to bring the envelope back and either take to their Home Bar in Wautoma, or Redgranite deliver to Elmer's by Friday Evening.

Also, please review the new rules and by-laws that were adjusted at the Opening Meeting on the 5th.  Perhaps print off a set of the newest rules and keep with your team folder or jug.


Definition of our "No Jump Shot" Rule. I have gone online and the most common description I find in leagues and other associations is, A Jump Shot is a deliberate shot to elevate the cue ball over an obstruction in an attempt to pocket a ball.  If a player simply miscues, and the ball is not deliberately trying to avoid an obstruction, that is not a Jump Shot.   

 Racking.  I have searched the Internet and here is the most common description I have found on many sites, APA, WPA, Wikipedia, Etc.

 The order of the balls should be random, with the exceptions of the 8 ball, which must be placed in the center of the rack (i.e., the middle of the third row), and the two back corner balls one of which must be a stripe and the other a solid. Is it OK to have both of the bottom corner balls be the same?  Yes, that is not against any rules... However, that is an advantage to the breaker.




Printable Blank Schedule

Printable Score Sheet 2 per Page

Rules and By-Laws

Team Rosters 2019

2019-2020 Standings  Thru 03/12/2020

Post Office I        94-50

Good Times        88-56

Elmer’s               86-58

Grimm's I            79-65

Billy B’s I             74-70

Johann's              73-71

Post Office II       72-72

Hideaway            70-74

Grimm’s II           66-78

Dogger's             65-79

Billy B’s II            62-82

Sanicker's           58-86

Lambeaul Lanes  49-95


8-Ball Runs

Jerry P. - Post Office I 7

Glenn P. -Grimm's I 6

Kurt S. - Hideaway 6

Hank - Elmer's 5

Chris C. - Post Office I 5

Jim - Elmer's 4

Tony B. - Grimm's II 4

John N. - Grimm's I 3

Matt S. - Hideaway 2

Jesse - Post Office II 2

Mark F. - Grimm's II 2

Jason P. - Grimm's I 2

Jeremy L. - Post Office I 2

Randy E. - Good Times 1

Fernando - Grimm's II 1

Tim B. - Good Times 1

Goob - Elmer's 1

Jerry E. - Billy B's I 1

Dave B. - Johann's 1

Ryan - Post Office II 1

Mike T. - Grimm's II 1

Austin G. - Hideaway 1

Dillon T. - Billy B's II 1

Jerry W. - Grimm's I 1

Jake M. - Billy B's I 1

Ron W. - Billy B's I 1

Doug - Johann's 1

Randy K. - Sanicker's 1

Jon S. - Dogger's 1

Joe - Lambeaul Lanes 1